Bluestone Medical is one of the South West’s leading independent ambulance and urgent care providers. 
Our robust processes and safe working practices ensure we deliver only the best quality patient-focused care.

We are able to provide event medical cover to almost any event, we frequently cover large music festivals, community events, street parties, motorsports, campsites, pride festivals and large scale sporting events like ultra marathons, triathlons, cycling road races and swimming events. But we don’t stop there, we also cover agricultural shows, country shows, show jumping, motocross and anything in between.

The Purple Guide was written by The Events Industry Forum in consultation with the events industry, it lays out guidance, best practice and some legal requirements for most events and is something we refer to daily to ensure we are only providing a safe and efficient level of cover which is compliant with the Health and Safety Executive. 

Our friendly team will happily talk you through your responsibilities in respect to medical provision as a event organiser to ensure your event and our medical cover meets any legal requirements and reduces the impact on the NHS and local ambulance authority. As standard we supply you with an in depth Event Medical Plan and due diligence documentation. After the event you’ll receive a full report detailing all of our patient interactions with identifiable information redacted to ensure complete patient confidentiality and GDPR compliance.

Emergency Ambulances

Our small fleet of frontline specification ambulances are at the core of our services and allow us to treat patients in a safe, private, clean space.

Each vehicle undergoes robust pre-shift checks and regular maintenance. Vehicles are cleaned before, during and after shift to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for our patients. We carry some of the latest in medical equipment and technology.

Our fleet of rapid response vehicles undergo the same robust pre-shift checks and maintenance routines as our larger ambulances. They are invaluable in covering a huge range of events and with their all wheel drive capability. We can get around fields and off tramac events with ease.

Rapid Response Vehicles

4×4 Off-Road Response

Getting help to where you need it, when you need it.
You can never predict where an accident or injury will occur. Sometimes its in the most inaccessible places which response cars and ambulances may struggle to reach. We operate some specialist off-road quad bikes to ensure we can reach any patient in almost any location without delay. Our bikes are fully kitted to enable us to treat and stabalise a patient while we organise extraction to a waiting ambulance.

We don’t just put up a tent in a field and call it a day, our medical centers go above and beyond to providing a safe comfortable environment for patient interaction.

We provide a pop up medical centre complete with a resus bay, minors bay, triage and waiting area. It comes fully equipped with stretchers, tables, chairs and handwashing facilities, climate controlled with lighting and we pack it with some of the best staff, medical equipment and technology available.

Event Medical Centres

Event Medical Management

Event organisers know that management is key. Each of our events is assigned an event manager who is responsible and oversees the whole progress, from quoting and booking right through to the post event reports. For larger events these managers attend and work within the event providing an invaluable liaison between you and the medical teams to ensure everything works smoothly. In the event of a major incident these managers will act as either silver or bronze commanders depending on the events major incident plan.

Working in conjunction with you and the medical manager our dedicated communications and control rooms take the hassle out of communication across your event.

We utilise some of the latest network radio technology to enable secure encrypted communication as well as live tracking and dispatch technology.

Event Communications & Control

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